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LS Fabricated Oil Pan Rear Sump


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Product Description

Fabricated LS1 and LS6 oil pan rear wet sump

Sump Location: Rear

Stroker Clearanced: Yes

Maximum Stroke with OE Rod: 4.125 in.

Sump Style: Wet

Oil Pan Capacity: 7 quarts

Oil Pan Depth (in): 6.000 in.

Oil Pan Material: Aluminium

Oil Pan Finish: Natural

Baffled: Yes

Dipstick Provision: No

Windage Tray Included: No

Pickup Included: No

Gaskets Included: No

Hardware Included: No

Uses Pick-up AR-93021011

The oil pan serves as the reservoir for the engine’s oil. It is designed to hold the amount of oil that is needed to lubricate the engine when it is running, plus a reserve.The oil pan helps to cool the oil thru its contact with the outside air.

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 15 x 9 in

LS (Chevy Only)

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